Graphic Design

A great flyer design is a great importance for a great direct mail campaign. Having a great flyer design that is visually appealing with a specific target message will capture your target audience and deliver the message that you want them to receive.

So, the best way to get engaging and noticeable flyers is to outsource flyer design services to professionals. At Distributing Solutions Pte Ltd, our team of graphic designer are ready to create professionally designed flyers that make a lasting impression on the target audience. We design flyers for various sizes including A4 and A5 sizes, either single or double side.

Simply start a flyer design project today and get a flyer you’ll love. Let us helps you create beautiful, visually stunning flyer design for your next marketing campaign. Call us today.


Type Price
Logo $100
Name Card $80
Flyer (single side) $80
Flyer (both side) $140
Brochure (per page) $40
Menu (per page) $40
Calendar (whole set) $300
Signage $80
Voucher $80
Banner $90
Booklet / Catalogue (per page) $40

Any other type of design that is not inside here, Please contact us for more detail!

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