Frequently asked questions


Q: Can i be sure that Distributing Solutions are the cheapest?
A: You may do a comparison online to check the price in market.
Q: How do you know whether the order or distribution is carried out?
A: We will update you time to time of the process updating or you can come down to site to check
Q: Do you provide daily report?
A: We will provide detail like Location, Date, Time, Picture, Video (Upon requested) and Feedback on the site
Q: Why must I engage your company when there is numbers of flyer distribution company outside?
A: We will commit our utmost service to do our job and we have strict standard of procedure in our distributors to ensure our quality
Q: Can I cancel the order?
A: No cancellation is allowed after email confirmation and no refundable
Q: How can we place a order?

A: Email your require detail to contact@distributingsolutions.sg

Q: How do I contact you?

A: Please click on ‘Contact Us

Q: Why is there a price different in the market?

A: Various reasons such as delay for greater opportunity to tag along with another flyers


Q: Can i request for a fix delivery time?
A: We cannot promise on delivery time, But we will try our best to match your timing as we have number of orders to be deliver.
Q: How should can I receive my flyer printing?
A: After artwork approved, We will deliver to your doorstep
Q: How fast is the delivery?
A: Express service is 1 day to 2 day or normal service is 3 days to 5 days
Q: Do you provide express service?
A: Yes we do, Extra cost chargeable for express service, Early/Late hour and inaccessible place


Q: How much is the design, printing, flyer distributing?
A: All our pricing is depending on difference specification and requirement
Q: How much is the charges for delivery?
A: Free delivery unless indicated for express service
Q: Got hidden charge?
A: No, The price quoted on comfirmation is final, No GST and no other charges
Q: What payment mode you accept?
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